Handy Island

Handy Island
"The Air War Finds A Handy South Atlantic Island" was the caption on this Peter Hurd painting of Ascension Island, from Life Magazine, April 1945. It was the only place for pilots to refuel between Natal and West Africa.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Soldier's Ode to Ascension"

I found this among my father's papers.  It is signed by Linn Garibaldi and notes that it is limited to 100 copies. (My father's is numbered 13.)

Soldier's Ode to Ascension©

Linn D. Garibaldi
Major, Infantry
U.S. Army
30 August, 1943
(All rights reserved)

A bit of land amid clouds of dust
An ocean surrounds this volcanic crust
But many flies, and fleas, and centipedes,
Wind, sand, and sunny days,
Nights of stars and moontlit bays;
A fit place to see the Southern Cross,
But not to linger lest you be lost;
This freak of nature devoid of thunder
Is God's Ascension--a Day of wonder!

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